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At St John the Apostle we believe our School is not simply a place of instruction. It is a place that has an operative education philosophy, focussed on the need of today’s youth and illuminated by the Gospel values. With Christ as our centre, our philosophy of teaching and learning at St John the Apostle is fundamental to all that we undertake in the planning, implementation and evaluation of curriculum and pedagogy, assessment and reporting, evaluation and staff development. St John the Apostle’s philosophy of teaching and learning includes the following elements:

Inspire faith and spirituality, teach Catholic Traditions and encourage a passionate response to the needs of our contemporary society.
St John the Apostle School is a Catholic School and as such we are grounded in the ethos of Catholic Education. Our beliefs are based on recognising Jesus in each other, respecting the dignity of each person, our actions grounded in Gospel values.  We seek to integrate faith and culture in the lives of all in our community.
St John the Apostle School staff provides a rigorous, all encompassing, responsive education that promotes the formation of the whole person. Our Catholic education is encompassed in everything we teach and experience at school.
Our teaching is imparted not only through the knowledge we teach but the way we live our lives, mirroring the life and teachings of Christ. We instil self-confidence and courage.
encourage all members of our school community to be critical, reflective, life-long learners who are committed to doing their best;
A sense of shared ownership is fostered. We believe all students have a right to learn and teachers constantly challenge students to be the best they can be through exciting and engaging learning opportunities. The school community praises and celebrates all successes which inspires other students.
Teachers are constantly developing their skills by collaboratively sharing their gifts and talents with each other, students and the wider school community. One of the gifts we aim to share with our students is a lifelong love of learning.
Provide a safe and nurturing environment where persistence and resilience are valued and where the dignity and the well-being of self and others are paramount.
Our School Motto of “United in Love, Truth and Courage” encourages us to be caring of others, faithful to our God and to have the strength to fight for what is right.
Strong, trustworthy and respectful relationships are fostered between all members of our school community, parish and wider community. Communication is strong between all entities.
Our school is an all-inclusive environment where every child feels safe and respected. Each day begins as a new day with opportunities to start again.
We keep in mind the impact that we have on students into the future.
Allocate appropriate resources to ensure a rich and equitable learning environment exists.


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