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Health and Physical Education

Health and Physical Education are concerned with helping students become aware of the importance of physical activity and good health and well being. Development of good health practices, participation in physical activity and personal and social skills are incorporated in this area. St John's School offers a comprehensive PE&H curriculum to all students from Kindergarten to Year 6.  This learning area encompasses the subjects Health and Physical Education. At each year level students explore three key areas of learning:

Health Education

Sub-strand 1: Being healthy, safe and active

Sub-strand 2: Communicating and interacting for health and wellbeing

Sub-strand 3: Contributing to healthy and active communities.

Physical Education

Sub-strand 1: Moving our body

Sub-strand 2: Understanding movement

Sub-strand 3: Learning through movement


Please follow the link for specific Literacy Curriculum documents:

Health and Physical Education Curriculum

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