Opportunity Beyond the Classroom

As a school, we partner with parents and other organisations to provide opportunities for our students to develop or express their interest and talents.

Student Leadership

Throughout their journey at St John the Apostle, students develop their collaborative and leadership skills. This culminates in the opportunity to be a school leader in Year 6. Our School Captains and Peer Leaders undertake very specific roles in supporting their fellow students and in proudly representing the school at various events. You can see them each morning as they lead our lead our daily gathering.

All Year 6 students learn how to conduct tours, organise and lead assemblies and liturgies, participate in outreach to the community, mediate playground conflict resolution, lead teams at sporting events and mentor younger students.

School Choir

Our enthusiastic School Choir rehearse regularly to practice pieces for fun and for performance. Under the supervision of our Performing Arts teacher the School Choir perform in the ACT Catholic Schools Choir Competition as well as at special school events and external functions such as Floriade.

Dance Crew

Our small competition crew and larger performance crew learn pieces from St Frances Xavier College Dance Students as well as guest dance instructors. Our experienced dancers are thrilled to have more opportunities to dance and those beginning on their dance journey learn and grow in confidence and skill.



Each year our school seeks to provide opportunities for students to play in the local Netball competition. We support one or more teams of students from St Johns.

Cross Country, Athletics and Swimming Carnivals

Swimming Carnival.jpg

St Johns hold Cross Country, Athletics and Swimming Carnivals each year. It is a great opportunity for personal challenge and contributing to a team. Students also have the opportunity to qualify to represent the school at zone carnivals and then ACT carnivals.

Lunchtime Clubs

Lunch times are a perfect opportunity to pursue interests with like-minded friends. Every year we introduce new clubs for students. Some examples are:

Lego Club

Each week students with a particular interest in Lego can get together to use the school's lego supply to imagine, create, problem solve and build together.

Robotics Club

Many of our students have a particular interest in robotics and the related coding. Through Robotics Club they have the opportunity to extend the knowledge and skills learned in the Digital Technologies Curriculum.