School Development

2019: A school of love and learning

In 2019 we celebrate our 40th Anniversary. It is a perfect opportunity to listen to stories about and reflect on the journey that has brought us to this place today. To see where, through the actions of so many, the Spirit has been alive and present, forming children, supporting families and providing wisdom and compassion to an open and listening staff.

Deeply embedded in MSC charism we celebrate the sacredness, that is God’s presence all around us. This year we would also like to recognise the connectedness of the Ngunnawal people to this place for thousands of years as well as our own in the most recent of these. Our focus this year is:

“You are welcome to leave your footprints on this country... for you are standing on sacred ground.” (Exodus 3:5)

2019 School Focus Image

Each term students will delve a little deeper and differently in exploring this focus through the following concepts.

  • Term 1: We stand on sacred ground (space and place).
  • Term 2: We share sacred ground (outreaching to others).
  • Term 3: We are sacred ground (within).
  • Term 4: We become sacred ground (together as a community).

There will be a number of ways we celebrate our 40th Anniversary including a birthday celebration (with cake) with our students on our Feast of the Sacred Heart Day and a Mass and Family Picnic on Sunday 20th October for both our current and past families to come and share their stories of being part of our school community. If anyone has any other great ideas or would like to help in organising celebrations, you are very welcome to contact me.

Our Annual Improvement Plan 2019 identifies three main focus areas for development this year. Our goals are:

To ensure that every student at St John the Apostle can access and participate in learning that meets them at their point of achievement and need and challenges them to grow further.

To develop a coherent, sequenced plan for curriculum delivery that ensures consistent teaching and learning expectations and a clear reference for monitoring learning across the school.

To cultivate a collaborative culture of shared accountability, growth and leadership focused on a collective purpose.

We are already working towards these goals through the implementation of our Inquiry Learning Units and the Daily 5 routines and practices from K-6. To see much more about our strategies for meeting these goals you can read our Annual Improvement Plan below.

We have a great year ahead and we look forward to working in partnership with all of our families.

Outdoor Learning Environment Masterplan

Below is the Concept Design for our Outdoor Learning Environment Masterplan. Please take a moment to view it and provide some feedback for the final planning phase.

Open PDF Version here.

Outdoor Learning Environment Concept Plan

Please provide your feedback in the following survey (click here).

Ongoing School Development

St John the Apostle Primary School is always striving to provide the best possible educational outcomes for its students and families. 

To do this our staff and parent community, represented by the Community Council, undertake the annual cycle of improvement and review undertaken by all Catholic systemic schools to develop a clear vision and path to achieve our aspirations. Our strategic work and intentions are reflected in our Strategic Plans, Annual Improvement Plans and Annual Reports.