School Development

Welcome to the 2021 school year at St John the Apostle Primary School.

At the beginning of last year we never imagined the year we were going to have. We’re so thankful to begin this year with healthy staff and families to continue on the journey of ensuring St John the Apostle is a great place to learn and grow.

‘God in all things…’

This year’s focus is the simplest and yet most powerful understanding we have explored and celebrated with students. Here it is presented as a painting by Mrs Stephanie Stewart, our Religious Education Coordinator.

Inspired by the words of St Ignatius of Loyola in Laudate Si, Pope Francis’ encyclical that calls us to be active stewards of creation, we will help students see how they and all creation are a beautiful expression of Godself, poured forth, for all, in Love. Each class will explore this through a focus on one of the seven sacred plants in Jesus’ Jewish tradition. We will have dedicated lessons for every class aimed at helping children learn to become more sustainable in both school and home, as part of our own connection to and protection of creation.

God in all things final (2).jpg

Each year level will delve more deeply and differently in exploring this focus through a particular sacred food in Jewish tradition. They will teach about their understandings through presentations at assemblies and in leading us through liturgies.

  • Kindergarten: Figs
  • Year 1: Olives
  • Year 2: Grapes
  • Year 3: Wheat
  • Year 4: Pomegranates
  • Year 5: Dates
  • Year 6: Barley

When restrictions are lifted, families are very welcome to attend our assemblies to see and hear each class' presentation of their focus area.

Our Strategic Plan 2021-2023 identifies three main teaching & learning focus areas for development over the coming year. Our goals are:


Every student achieves their potential

We know our students

Students have expert teachers

Every student is engaged in the most appropriate learning environments and opportunities to achieve their potential.

Assessment, data and analysis processes are robust, identify student achievement and need, aligned with the curriculum and inform everyday teaching.

Staff collaborate to develop a shared understanding of the curriculum, strong content knowledge and the skills to implement high impact teaching practices that improve student learning.

We are already working towards these goals through the implementation of Daily 3 Maths and  Daily 5 Literacy routines and practices from K-6. We are undertaking an exciting professional learning program with Catholic Education Catalyst program about the Science of Learning, increasing the impact we can have for our students and their learning.

We have a great year ahead and we look forward to working in partnership with all of our families.

Outdoor Learning Environment Masterplan

Below is the Concept Design for our Outdoor Learning Environment Masterplan. Please take a moment to view it and provide some feedback for the final planning phase.

Open PDF Version here.

Outdoor Learning Environment Concept Plan

Ongoing School Development

St John the Apostle Primary School is always striving to provide the best possible educational outcomes for its students and families. 

To do this our staff and parent community, represented by the Community Council, undertake the annual cycle of improvement and review undertaken by all Catholic systemic schools to develop a clear vision and path to achieve our aspirations. Our strategic work and intentions are reflected in our Strategic Plans, Annual Improvement Plans and Annual Reports.